About ISSP

India Social Sector Platform (ISSP) is an aggregator which provides a suite of solutions for various capacity building needs for the social sector on one platform. It is a platform that will bring together NGOs working in different domains, based in different geographies and service providers/ expert volunteers who can contribute to build the capacity of the NGO.

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For NGOs

As NGOs we often struggle with getting expert advice and support for programmatic and non-programmatic challenges we face in our organization.

ISSP connects you with Service Providers and Expert Volunteers!

These are individuals / organizations who are experts in specific areas and will be able to support you in your organizational journey!

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For Service Providers

Are you an individual / organization that works with / is looking to provide services to NGOs in India? This could be in functional areas such as Finance, HR, Legal, Compliance and so on or in Technical areas such as M&E.

ISSP is the ideal platform for you to connect with potential NGO customers!

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For Volunteers

Are you passionate about social causes? Would you like to volunteer your time and/or expertise to help an NGO grow?

Volunteering is such a fantastic way to give back… Help an NGO figure out its strategic plan or conduct a simple risk and compliance audit and support them in plugging gaps or coach an NGO leader!... the opportunities to contribute are endless!

ISSP is the ideal platform for you to connect with NGOs who can leverage your expertise.

Register today! Get connected to NGOs that will benefit from your time and expertise!

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